The author of the poem "Sleepyhead" is Walter De la Mare. He was an English poet and short-story writer who was born in 1873 and died in 1956. De la Mare's poems are often characterized by their use of imagery and their dreamlike quality. "Sleepyhead" is a good example of De la Mare's work. It is a lullaby that uses gentle, soothing language to create a sense of calm and peace. The poem was first published in De la Mare's 1906 collection of poems, Songs of Childhood.


Sleepyhead, Sleepyhead, 
Why do you lie awake? 
The sun has gone to bed, 
And the moon is in the wake.

The stars are all a-twinkle, 
And the wind is all a-sing. 
Why don't you close your eyes, 
And dream sweet dreams of spring?

The birds will sing to you, 
And the flowers will bloom. 
You'll have so much to do, 
In your dream time kingdom.
So close your eyes, Sleepyhead, 
And dream sweet dreams of spring. 
Dream of all the things you'll do, 
When you wake up in the morning.

Sleep tight, Sleepyhead, 
And have sweet dreams.

Summary :-

The poem Sleepyhead is a lullaby that is meant to help a child fall asleep. The poem uses gentle, soothing language to create a sense of calm and peace. The poem also uses imagery of the night sky to help the child imagine a peaceful and dreamlike world. The poem begins with the speaker calling out to the child, "Sleepyhead, Sleepyhead," and asking why they are still awake. The speaker then goes on to describe the beauty of the night sky, with the stars twinkling and the wind singing. The speaker then encourages the child to close their eyes and dream sweet dreams. The poem ends with the speaker saying, "Sleep tight, Sleepyhead," and wishing the child sweet dreams.

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