The Little Raindrop

The author of the poem "The Little Raindrop" is Joanna Gray. She is an English author and illustrator who was born in 1966. Gray's books for children often focus on nature and the environment. "The Little Raindrop" is a good example of Gray's work. It is a simple poem that tells the story of a little raindrop's journey from the clouds to the ground. The poem was first published in Gray's 2006 book, The Little Raindrop

The Little Raindrop
The Little Raindrop

I am a little raindrop,
Falling from the sky.
I am so small and light,
I hardly make a sound.

I fall on leaves and flowers,
And on the ground below.
I make the plants grow tall,
And the flowers bloom so bright.

I help the animals drink,
And the people wash their face.
I am a part of nature,
And I have a special place.

I am a little raindrop,
But I am important too.
I help the world grow green,
And I make the world anew.

Summery :- 
This poem is about a little raindrop that falls from the sky and helps the world grow green. It is a simple poem that is easy for kids to understand. The poem uses vivid imagery to create a picture of the raindrop falling and the plants and animals it helps. The poem also has a positive message about the importance of raindrops and the role they play in nature.

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