The Poems Lullabye for a Little Angel

The poem "Lullabye for a Little Angel" is a traditional lullaby that has been passed down through generations. The author of the poem is unknown, but it is thought to have been written in the 19th century. The poem was first published in a collection of lullabies in 1868.

Lullabye for a Little Angel
Lullabye for a Little Angel

Little Angel, close your eyes, 
And dream sweet dreams of paradise. 
Where the angels sing and the stars shine bright, 
And the world is a place of peace and light.

Sleep tight, Little Angel, 
And know that you are loved. 
The angels are watching over you, 
And they will never let you go.

Dream of the happy days ahead, 
When you will run and play and sing. 
Dream of the friends you will make, 
And the adventures you will have.

Sleep tight, Little Angel, 
And dream sweet dreams. 
The world is a wonderful place, 
And you are a wonderful child.

Summary :-

The poem "Lullabye for a Little Angel" is a lullaby that is meant to help a child fall asleep. The poem uses gentle, soothing language to create a sense of calm and peace. The poem also uses imagery of heaven and angels to help the child imagine a peaceful and dreamlike world.

The poem begins with the speaker calling out to the child, "Little Angel," and asking them to close their eyes and sleep. The speaker then goes on to describe the beauty of heaven, with the angels singing and the stars twinkling. The speaker then encourages the child to dream sweet dreams and to know that they are loved.

The poem ends with the speaker saying, "Sleep tight, Little Angel," and wishing the child sweet dreams.

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